1.3 Provide all citizens with a sound security and insurance system, covering labor insurance, health insurance, and national pension insurance, especially for those vulnerable groups; enrich long-term care system and enhance resource distribution and service provision; and continuously provide the elder, children, and the youth with living support

Auditors attended charity events at social and welfare institutions and participated in charity concerts.

4.4 Promote the skill of information communication technology for the youth and develop relevant technical and vocational skill for them to get related jobs.
4.6 Establish diversified lifelong learning venues, such as community colleges, to provide adults with a variety of learning opportunities and, continuously provide the public and various ethnic groups with educational services to promote adults’ ability in lifelong learning.

  1. The NAO has strengthened auditors’ data analytic skills.
  2. The NAO has used information technology to improve audit process.
  3. Average hours of professional training for each auditor per year are 80 hours, demonstrating auditors’ passion of learning.
  4. The NAO launched the Auditor Training Building, providing auditors with a variety of learning platform and aiming at career development and talent cultivation.

5.5 Encourage government agencies to promote female as supervisors and unit heads; promote cultivation and participation for female in political parties; increase the percentage of female managers in exchange-listed and OTC-listed companies; and support female to be representatives of companies.

The NAO has promoted female as directors or supervisors, and the percentage has reached to 50%.

6.4 Promote water saving work and increase efficiency of water use to prevent the average use of water from growing significantly; improve recycling rate of the manufacturing process in industries located at industrial areas and science parks; strengthen water saving work and promote various water sources, such as recycling water and desalinated seawater, to prevent the use of freshwater from growing significantly.
6.d Enhance reduction of general wastes and promote resource recycling.

  1. The NAO installed the smart water meter system to manage the use of water effectively and promote the efficiency of water use.
  2. The NAO initiated and promoted garbage reduction, resource recycling, and reuse.

7.2 Raise the capacity of renewable energy facilities.

The NAO built up a solar electricity system on the roof of its buildings.

10.2 Continuously promote aboriginal employment projects to increase the opportunity of employment for the aboriginal people and improve their financial income; improve the employment of disabled people and their economic status.
10.6 Optimize social innovative operation capacity, discover diversified social innovative models, and maintain a friendly sphere for social enterprises to support solutions solving social problems.

  1. The NAO recruited disabled people who are eligible for work in accordance with the law and purchased goods and services from mental/physical disabilities welfare institutions or groups or sheltered workshops.
  2. The NAO set up “innovation” as one of its core values and demonstrated its innovative capacity in the fields of organizational management and audit services.
  3. The NAO proactively participated in 2019 Presidential Hackathon to fulfill the concept of innovation.

11.12 Promote the effectiveness of carbon reduction from energy saving actions taken for buildings.

  1. A newly constructed office building of the NAO was certified by the Green Building Label.
  2. The NAO established an energy saving promotion group to promote energy saving and improve the efficiency and management of energy use.
  3. The NAO launched video conferencing systems in audit agencies.
  4. The NAO has proactively promoted paper reduction or paperless measures.

12.6 Encourage companies to adopt measures from the perspective of sustainable development, disclose information related to sustainable development, and ensure the accuracy and quality of information at the same time.
12.7 Promote green procurements in public entities.

  1. The NAO proactively disclosed the Voluntary Departmental Review of SDGs in National Audit Office, R.O.C. (Taiwan).
  2. The NAO has kept in line with the policy promoted by the Executive Yuan to improve the business of green products and the performance of green procurements.

13.3 Improve education related to the sustainable issue of climate changes and cultivation of the public.

  1. The NAO invited instructors to teach auditors in related training classes to promote cultivation of auditors.
  2. The NAO integrated the issue of SDGs into its event of Family Day to deliver the importance of sustainable development.

16.5 Continuously open data and expand the use of open data to promote transparency of the administration.
16.6 Continuously promote participation in the Public Policy Participation Platform and expand the reputation and effectiveness of the platform to improve citizen engagement and solicit comments from the public.

UN Goal
16.6 Develop effective, accountable and transparent systems at all levels.

  1. The NAO released information on its official website (WWW.AUDIT.GOV.TW).
  2. The NAO released datasets on the Government Open Data Platform (DATA.GOV.TW).
  3. The NAO proactively participated in the Public Policy Participation Platform (JOIN.GOV.TW).
  4. The NAO has strengthened transparency and accountability system in accordance with the regulations endorsed by international auditing authorities.

UN Goal
17.16 Enhance the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development, complemented by multi-stakeholder partnerships that mobilize and share knowledge, expertise, technology and financial resources, to support the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals in all countries, in particular developing countries.

  1. The NAO hosted the Symposium on Sustainable Development and Audit.
  2. The Auditor General shared practices of SDGs audits in international conferences.
  3. The NAO is the first department at the central government level that joins the Alliance for Sustainable Development Goals.